Bill W. and Dr. Bob (review)

Bill W. and Dr. Bob (review)
Bill W. and Dr. Bob (review)
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THE PLAY: A biographical look at the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous and how they created the program thru the trial and error of their own experiences.


THE PRODUCTION: From the first scene, this play dives right into the drunken drama, which makes the emotions that much more challenging. The leading quartet is seriously earnest, but they’re often trying too hard (the rudimentary script doesn’t help). Audra Honaker and David Janosik, who play several supporting roles, create the most interesting characters. Their final scenes in Act 2 are the production’s most genuinely moving moments.  Director Scott Wichmann has kept it simple, so that the staging doesn’t interfere with the reach for emotional connection. Unfortunately, more scenes feel strained than genuine. Frank Foster smartly designed a simple neutral set with a bar and shelves of glasses and bottles as the symbolic focal point. Laurel Maughan has found some attractive costumes with interesting period accents. Running time:  2:05


THE POINT: While this production may be therapeutic for those who can relate to the subject, there’s too much message and not enough emotional connection to create consequential theatre.


2 Stars (2 / 5)


At HATTheatre thru 2/25


Watch the SIFTER interview with Chris Hester about the show.


Ken Moretti, Patricia Alli, Audra Honaker, Grey Garrett, Chris Hester

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