Dirtwoman Doc teaser

Dirtwoman Doc teaser
Dirtwoman Doc teaser
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In 1999, I started working on a documentary on Dirtwoman (aka Donnie Corker). I got sidetracked for a few years, but now I’m back full steam. So far, 36 people have been interviewed and there are plans for at least that many more.


In an effort to help recruit testimonials, as well as photos, videos and any other memorabilia, I’ve created this short “teaser” to give viewers an idea of the basic look and style. Keep in mind that the finished product will be feature length, so there are LOTS of stories and other special moments that will be saved for that.


Meanwhile, click here to see it. (Feel free to share it.)


Send an email to be interviewed or suggest any supporting material.


  1. In cleaning out my mother’s belongings, I found the dirt woman calendar…you are welcome to have it if you don’t already have one. Strange that I found it just this week and just saw this post!

    • Hold on to that calendar! After the movie comes out, it might be worth even more! Thx for the offer, but I still have mine too and will soon be interviewing Alice McCabe who shot it.

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